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Directional Drilling

SAO also does trenchless installations By working in partnership with our clients we provide a complete service from conception to completion. With our experts to advise you, you can expect safe, cost-effective and innovative solutions to whatever underground installation projects you have planned.

We work directly with companies and contractors throughout the country to install underground pipes, ducting and cables. By providing a speedy, efficient and comprehensive service, with the absolute minimum of disruption, we can cater for all of your underground installation needs. This includes the plans, searches and licenses needed at the start right through the drilling and installation to the reinstatement on completion.

Directional Drilling Specialists

Directional Drilling Specialists

SAO civils is now recognised as being one of the most efficient methods for installing pipes and ducts. It is both cost effective and environmentally friendly, causing little or no disruption to the landscape or local environment.

Having completed projects on main roads, railways, rivers and in major towns across south island SAO has a proven track record in major underground installation projects.

Whether you require the installation of a new services or are upgrading existing ones, SAO provides a variety of solutions that will be tailored to meet your requirements.